Smart City humidity, pollution and temperature monitoring and control

By integrating city monitoring smart communities like cities, municipalities, large campuses and facilities to manage their environment impact and energy footprint. With an integrated system you can automate city solutions based on time of day, temperature, sunlight, pollution, and more.

Smart City Security

A smart city security system monitors video cameras and monitoring devices to your central control room, so you can monitor and control different areas of the city or neighborhoods.

Smart City Lighting

One of the most noticeable, attractive and practical ways of integrating “smarts” into your neighborhood is by adding smart lighting. You will have greater control over airflow and lights throughout streets, meaning more comfort and a more compact energy bill monthly.

Smart City Traffic control and Parking

The purpose of the ATMS/ATIS is to improve the overall traffic system performance, reducing emissions, noise and travel times. In order to manage and control traffic flows, the conditions of the road traffic have to be captured. The road traffic state can be described using speed, flow and density on a specific segment of the road. The length of the segment might vary depending on the geometry of the road. Smart Traffic Management is a system where centrally-controlled traffic signals and sensors regulate the flow of traffic through the city in response to demand.

Parking  Services. Optimize parking space usage, improve the efficiency of your parking operations and help traffic in your city flow more freely with the next generation of smart parking.


Why Smart City Solutions

Reduce everyday congestion markedly, by smoothing traffic flows and prioritizing traffic in response to demand in real time

Reduce pollution throughout the city: stop-start driving is inefficient and polluting

The installation of smart solar-powered compacting bins can be seen in a growing number of cities

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