Do you have too much sun shining in? Are you in need of more privacy, but the blinds are hard to reach? Then you need a simple solution.

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Did you know that your blinds can automatically open when the sun comes up and close at dusk?

First of all, energy savings is a huge positive benefit. When your blinds can be programmed or automatically set to open and close at the appropriate time of day, your home can enjoy the passive energy savings.

You can let your automatic blinds and shades look after themselves – open, close and adjust depending on the time of day and the temperature.  In the hot summer days, the blinds close automatically when a room reaches a set temperature, preventing overheating.

Most shades are powered by low-voltage batteries and they can be controlled using a smart remote control, which gives you full access to every shade individually, allowing you to choose your desired height.

Smart blinds are one of the key ingredients for making your home hands free and smart.

They add a beautiful design and change the way you control the sunlight in your home. The solutions are quite diversified and there are plenty of textures and materials available for you to customize your blinds accordingly.

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